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hardy st george reels
uniqua  and longstone reels below

1917 Hardy ST George 3.3/4th
hfr257 £799.00 

This is a rare white handled ST. George circa 1917, it has the early smooth brass foot which is full length. the spool is the  rare shallow drum core associated with dry fly fishing and fast retrieve. 

The reel is pristine with 80% original black leaded finish, no spool wobble or line burns, there are four  almost invisible cracks to the original agate of which only one is detectable by the finger nail test. A great reel for collector or user alike 

Postage and insurance £11


a very rare one off hardy st george multiplier
£1399.00 ref:hfr973

This reel is a must for the ST GEORGE collector there are so many unusual aspects to this reel 
Firstly the multiplying aspect is fitted centrally and made by Jimmy Smith
Secondly we have a Barton handle, an original un-tampered with fitment which is a very practical addition 
The reel is in excellent condition, I have had the rear of the spool restored as there were chips present on the edge, the restored aspect is illustrated on pic 3
The hardy agate guide is free from cracks 
This reel spins and functions perfectly 
Postage and insurance £11

hardy 1921 3 screw latch st george 3.3/4" fly reel
£339.00 ref:hfr077

Rare Hardy ST GEORGE 3.3/4" 1921 smooth brass foot with nickle silver bezel housing a mint agate ring with out any cracks

This reel has the shallow spool core so is fast retrieve 

The reel plate and spool is stamped M ,also the first owners initials are professionally engraved at Hardy M.C.L.

Postage and insurance £11

a very good 3.3/8" 1960's st George trout fly reel
£215.00 ref:hfr440

This is a great Hardy St George reel ideal for trout fishing, fitted with a fresh unused number 6#wf line and ample backing line 
The reel is tight and free from wobble and will function as it did when it left Hardy's factory 
The reel has an agate line guide which is unblemished, and full length ribbed brass foot 

Postage and insurance £11 

a boxed 1950s hardy st george junior 2.9/16"
£695.00 ref:hfr252

An absolutely mint example, all perfect condition and no enamel loss.

Comes in original box and original packing 

Postage and insurance £11


Longstone stone reels

A very rare sized Hardy 3.1/2" Longstone with case

Ref Hfr: 151116 £625.00 with case
Ref hfr: 151116a £345.00 without case

A small size 3.1/2" Longstone in mint condition in an original block leather case, again so hard to find. This reel is the best example I have ever seen of this size, and the fact it comes with its original case is a testimony to its rarity. 

Postage and insurance £11 

hardy uniqua reel

a rare 4.1/2" salmon wide drum uniqua circa 1922
£399.00 ref:hfr948

A clean classic example of the large 4.1/2" Hardy Uniqua wide drum salmon reel

This reel would be great to use, it has a strong loud check to alert your friends when you have a fish on 

The reel is a good example for the collector no line grooves the alloy foot is 95mm long the one end looks very slightly filed although I have reels with the foot this length as standard

The spool spins smoothly and the spring and pawl are strong and fresh

Postage and insurance £11

a rare 4" hardy uniqua salmon reel with early horse shoe latch and white handle
£549.00 ref:hfr978

This rare Uniqua is a beauty indeed with the Hardy brass reinforced bell housing such craftsmanship 

The reel has the rare nickle silver horse shoe latch and no line burns whatsoever

The alloy foot is full length and straight ,I would date this reel around 1917 

The reel is stamped internally HARDY'S PAT, NO 24245

Postage and insurance £11

a hardy 4" uniqua salmon fly reel, stamped hardy's uniqua patent reel
£419.00 ref:hfr999

A rare 1912 white handled Hardy Uniqua salmon fly reel.

This reel is in top condition for its age, and everything functions correctly.

If using this people will know when you have a fish on with the racket it will make via its strong check

The reel has a hint of a line groove but difficult to see in hand, it is a hint only.

There are no cracks present and the foot is full length, and the white handle spins freely.

Postage and insurance £11

a hardy 3.1/2" wide drum salmon 1911 uniqua
£475.00 ref:hfr949

A very rare Hardy small diameter wide drum salmon reel circa 1912

Stamped HARDY'S PATENT UNIQUA REEL, also stamped "D" internally so made pre 1912"

The reel is sound and a great reel to use or collect 

There are no line grooves or cracks to the frame and the foot is full length and unaltered

The reel functions perfectly.

This reel is stamped "D "internally Dingley made while at Hardy's.

Postage and insurance £11

a rare white handled 1912 hardy uniqua salmon size 3.3/4"
£475.00 ref:hfr977

A stunning example of this fine reel no line burns and 90% original leading very lightly used

The foot has been shortened slightly but is straight and true.

Stamped internally JS 2

stamped on the winding plate HARDYS PATENT " UNIQUA " REEL. 

There are no cracks to the frame.

Postage and insurance £11

an excellent 1960 hardy salmon uniqua size 3.3/4"
£199.00 ref:hfr912

This is a very pretty reel ideal for Atlantic salmon or steel-head taking up to size WF 9# lines.

This original Hardy Uniqua will complement any fly rod up to 14 foot.

This original lightly used reel is free from line burns and the reel will have many exciting years ahead.

This reel has all original features full length brass foot an ebonite black handle all traditional features of the marque.

Postage and insurance £11