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hardy 4.1/2" perfect reel 1906  witH ROLLER GUIDES, engraved 'a.d.p.' with hardy leather reel case
£1195.00 hfr420A

Hardy 4.1/2" perfect reel, MODIFIED WAY BACK IN THE TWENTIES I believe, the reel had a rotating line guide in a brass outer cage as on early brass faced perfects ,indeed the frame of this guide is still attached to the frame , I believe this reel was used in Norway for big salmon so the owner had Hardy modify the reel to hardened steel roller guides , Please understand this reel was not repaired there are no cracks or line burns on the reel and is totally unique , I bought it because I understood the transformation, line guides add drag and on heavy fast water this is an issue when playing big fish .Owners initials  engraved 'A.D.P.' on the reel . Included with hardy block leather reel case. In fountain pen the top of the case reads, 'HE. Cobb, perfect reel, No 2, O.P.H. Wynne

Postage and insurance £11


A hardy 4" perfect salmon reel, with line-guide CIRCA 1930's

A rare 1930's Hardy 4" perfect with line guide, and Alloy ribbed foot and duplicated mark 2 check mechanism. This reel has an authentic patina from use and the reel functions perfectly with no wobble or faults of any nature. All in all a great reel to use or collect.

Postage and insurance £11


A hardy 1930's 3.1/2" perfect reel, without line guide
£649.00 hfr557a

A very rare sized 1930's Hardy perfect 3.1/2" diameter wide drum fly reel. This reel has 85% original black leaded finish and is very lightly used. The reel is loaded with a sinking line and original backing line. This the ideal reel for steel-head and smaller switch rods.

Postage and insurance £11


Hardy 4.1/4" perfect reel circa 1918 almost unused in case
£1149.00 Ref 2017c

This reel is engraved 'L.K.S.' from a previous owner, as well as the case to match. This reel was owned by a war hero from the first world war, he fished Helmsdale but did not need a reel this size for that river; consequently the reel is 99% unused in its original case. What a find, truly brilliant.

Postage and insurance £11


A VERY RARE hardy 1912 4 1/2" perfect salmon reel 
Ref:hfr102 £1749.00 

A very rare 1912 check mechanism Hardy Perfect 
without line guide. This reel is all original and free from any flaws. The foot is full length, there is no wear to the spindle, it's free from frame cracks and line burns unlike most online auction reels. The reel boasts the most natural patina and is all correct; a beautiful example.

Postage and insurance £11

A VERY RARE Hardy 4.1/4" Perfect 1912 VINTAGE salmon fly reel with line guard, engraved 'A.H.W.'
Ref:HFR323c £1250.00

This reel is I believe to be the the former property of "Arthur Humphrey Wall" one of the famous Hardy reel makers. I have two other reels of his; a Uniqua and a Silex no2 made by his friend Dingley.

This reel is superb nice and tight no wobbles, however the rotating line guide through use has breached the side frame but does not detract from use or strength due to the pin system which retains the line guide. A most rare piece of Hardy history realistically priced.

 Postage and insurance £11


hardy brothers 4.1/4" perfect reel circa 1927-28 with line guard
ref:hfr071216a £849.00

A rare Hardy 1927 transitional perfect with line guide, in prime condition, free from any flaws. The reel has a wonderful patina, and is a fantastic example to use or collect. There is no wobble to the spool and the check mechanism is strong and healthily loud. Loaded with backing line ready to go. 

Postage and insurance £11

A RARE 1912 Hardy brothers 4.1/4" perfect reel without line guard
Ref:co29 £1895.00 

A very rare opportunity to avail of such a beautiful rare reel. The reel is free of any defects and is consequently a real collectors piece. It goes without saying a great reel to use watch heads turn as a salmon takes off on this baby, the sound is spine tingling. 

Postage and insurance £11

ref:HFR250 £749.00

Hardy perfect 1930s, four inch diameter duplicated mark 2. 
A super example of this rare reel especially with the rotating line guide. This reel has 70-75% of its original black leading and has many years life ahead. The reel is tight and functions perfectly. 

Postage and insurance £11

Hfr323 £829.00

A Hardy Perfect circa 1930's with rotating line guide. This reel is in excellent condition and has 75% original lead finish, consequently the patina is commensurate with a reel which has had light use. The reel is professionally inscribed 'D.B.W.' a previous owner. 
This reel is free of cracks, line burns, is tight and free of any spool wobble. All in all a great reel to use or collect an appreciating classic Hardy. 

Postage and insurance £11


£1999.00 Hfr2003 

Hardy brass faced perfect 3" diameter, this is a must for the brass faced perfect collector.
No cracks or line burns present, the foot has a slight undulation but nothing controversial.
The reel spins true but no wobble etc.
Two logos stamped on face plate correct for this reel.

Postage and insurance £11

Hardy Brass faced rings up 3.3/4" perfect
HFR2010a £999.00

This rare little 3.3/4" brass faced perfect I would describe as mid arbor width 1.3/8th" between the spool walls. Also this reel is either a Hardy repair or a rare rings up perfect where the line feeds over the top pillar bringing the line close to the rod for ease of line management. The reel has a solid brass top pillar where all the other alloy pillars are pinned with brass, every thing else is as it should be. 

Postage and insurance £11

a hardy 4.1/4" salmon wide drum perfect without line guide circa mid 20's
£739.00 ref:HFR131

Again another original unadulterated example of a Hardy Perfect 4.1/4" salmon reel. This reel boasts the best tolerances of engineering from this mid 20s-early 30s period. There are no cracks to the frame nor wobble to the spool, nor line grooves to pillars.

There is one set of very very mild line marks <not grooves> to the bottom side of reel 8mm across and not very obvious but mention able.

The reel comes with a number 10 silk line from the period probably a corona. 

The foot is the smooth version and unfilled or altered, and the winding plate boasts the fat ebonite handle.

Postage and insurance £11 


A 1912 Hardy 4.1/4" perfect WIDE DRUM SALMON FLY reEL, engraved 'R.L.S.'
ref:Hfr1017c £1699.00

A fantastic example of a 1912 Hardy perfect which is great in every way. The reel is engraved professionally 'R.L.S.' The reel is free from cracks, and the foot is full length and untouched, the reel is tight and free from wobble and the tension adjuster is as it should be free and adjustable all in all a time capsule of history and usable today. 

Postage and insurance £14.00

hardy 3.3/4" perfect without line-guard, engraved 's.d.'
£545.00 hfr116

An excellent dup mark two 1930's Hardy wide drum salmon reel. This reel is really good with a tight tolerances and no spool wobble a great reel to use or collect, The reel is professionally engraved S.D. There is the hint of line grooves near bottom pillar which are virtually unnoticeable and would be 1000th "deep but worth a mention if some one is looking for absolute perfection. Consequently this reel is a 9.8 out of ten and is priced accordingly . This reel has still hundreds of salmon to catch

Postage and insurance £11


A Hardy Brass faced 4.1/4" perfect reel with line guide in case
£999.00 Ref:Hfr:420a

Hardy Brass Faced 4.1/4" Perfect reel with the 1896 check mechanism .  in sturdy Farlows leather case which is engraved 'H.S.C.' The reel is in good use-able condition the foot is slightly undulating , and there are a few nibbles on the frame rim on the brass face-plate side at 9.30 an 10.30 on the frame other than that there are no line grooves and no frame cracks it is a 7 out of 10 standard with the very rare line guard . the reel is priced accordingly many fish are still to be caught on this beauty almost 120 years old

Postage and insurance £11


hardy 3.1/4" wide drum perfect reel 1921 with hardy leather case
1395.00 Ref:hfr102c

Another rare Hardy reel this time a 3.1/4" wide drum mark one check with dup mark two winding plate, but has the smooth brass foot and ivorine handle so makes this 1920 -21 transitional reel in its original case, indeed a rarity from this era the smaller wide drum reels were very very few, and with its original hardy case, find another is the cliche of the day.

Postage and insurance £11


hardy trout perfects


a hardy 3.1/8" trout perfect fly reel 1930's
£375.00 ref:hfr318

This is a super little 30's hardy perfect fly reel with lots of leading finish. 

This original little reel has been lightly used and is free from cracks or line burns. 

The reel is the duplicated mark two check and is stamped internally "Ta" and "ok" "40 "

The foot is full length and is the ribbed version denoting 30's reels.

Postage and insurance £11


Hardy 3.1/2" TROUT 1917-21 perfect FLY REEL
£399.00 HFR154

A rare 1917-21 mark 1 perfect with Ivorine handle and domed nickle silver tension adjuster with original circular agate line guide. Hairline crack to agate line guide at 2.0 o clock visually difficult to see but can feel with your nail so worth mentioning, but does not detract from a beautiful reel.

Postage and insurance £7.50


A RARE 1930S Hardy 3.5/8th Trout perfect with line-guide
£425.00 hfr245

A very rare mint 3.5/8th with all original patina in great condition, from the 1930's, the reel is tight and the agate line guide is original and flawless. The reel is free from wobbles and wear and will be a fantastic addition to user or collector.

Postage and insurance £7.50

a hardy perfect 3.3/8" circa 1917 with line guide
£399.00 ref:hfr316

A 1917 MK1 check stamped Hardy's Patent no 24245 

A superb example no cracks or line grooves, with a replacement agate line guide unused.

The reel foot is full length and aluminium 

There is no play or wobble on this reel it will be an absolute pleasure to use.

Postage and insurance £11

a hardy 2.7/8" trout perfect circa 1940's
£525.00 ref:hfr923

This is a super little Hardy perfect Trout reel from the mid 40's with leaded finish, and ribbed foot 

The reel has the dup mark two check, and is free from line burns, overall a great reel and so rare in this size.

The reel is stamped 127 internally on reel and winding plate.

The reel has the straight line typeface stamped on the winding plate.

Postage and insurance £11

hardy 3.5/8" perfect trout fly reel circa 1917-22
£399.00 ref:hfr064

A pretty HARDY 3.5/8th trout reel in excellent condition considering its over 90 years old. The reel is tight without any wobble in the spool.

There are no cracks or line burns on this reel, the smooth brass foot is full length and unfilled.

The reel is stamped duplicated mk11 and has the circular arranged hardy info on the winding plate.

What an opportunity to own this early reel.

Postage and insurance £11

Hardy brothers 1906 3.1/8ths perfect Trout sized reel (restored face plate and foot)
ref:hfr925 £399.00

This very rare 1906 3.1/8th" Hardy trout perfect has been most sympathetically restored, the winding plate has been modified as the original was broken although retaining the stamped centre, also the original foot was replaced and new one added, the price reflects the restoration, and genuinely will be a great user reel to the untrained eye no one would even know.

Postage and insurance £11