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dingley made reels

the second Dingley spinning reel design (serial number 2)
ref:dfr212 £1350

This reel is a finger pick up ,stamped serial number 2 under the foot stem . This reel is illustrated in the Dingley collector book .
This rel is flawless and reads W H DINGLEY maker ALNWICK 

the RAREST first dingley spinning reel design (serial number 1)
ref:dfr302 £1500.00

This is the very first Dingley spinning reel with finger pick up. Stamped Dingley and son maker Alnwick. The spool is brass as opposed to number 2 which is alloy. Obviously there is a feel of progression between the reels and it evolves further to later bale arms etc.

A RESTORED Dingley 3" dry fly reel
ref:dfr213c £135

This reel was lovingly restored in that the frame was re-leaded.

The reel functions perfectly and is in the Uniqua style with horse shoe latch. The reel is stamped d6 internally. The reel foot is full length no cracks or line burns a great reel to use or start a collection with.

Postage and insurance £11


ref:dfr222 £350

The prettiest Dingley I have ever owned. This 4.1/4" caged medium drum for Wallace and Kerr Edinburgh. It is an honest reel with a beautifully cared for patina. This reel is functional and just lovely, no cracks and the foot is 76mm or 3" long.


Postage and insurance £11


a rare Dingley 3" dry fly reel for alex martin edinburgh
ref:dfr224 £209

A rare Alex Martin Edinburgh & Aberdeen caged Dingley 3" fly reel in great condition. Slight blemish at 9.00 on frame near handle. The reel has a super original patina and functions well free from wobble and no play. Stamped d6 on foot and internally.

Postage and insurance £11


A 4" Dingley Ogden Smith Exchequer perfect style
ref:dfr225 £439.00

A Dingley 4" perfect with ivorine coloured handle. The reel is a prime example and is free from line burns or frame cracks. The reel is excellent to use with an adjustable drag and ball race winding plate and is stamped OGDEN SMITH.

Postage and insurance £11


A RARE 3"1/2 caged Dingley
ref:dfr227 £199

Caged Dingley for A.Carter South Molton, London. Reel functions well, and it's stamped 'D2' internally. This reel is for right-hand use.

The reel has a lovely ivorine handle so is an early Dingley.

Very slight undulation to one side of foot.

Foot length 2.7/8"

Postage and insurance £11


AN EARLY Dingley MADE PERFECT STYLE Reel initialled D.G.
Ref co2017a £439

A very early 4" perfect style reel in mint condition. The reel has 95% original leading and is a spectacular example for user or collector alike. The reel interior even has the spare spring and pawl present, and a beautiful strap over tension-er. The Handle is a replacement I believe but is as close to the original as you can get, I doubt even a Dingley collector would realise it.

Postage and insurance £11


A RARE 3" Dingley fishing reel "THE IDEAL" HAYNES OF CORK
ref:dfr241 £349

This very very rare Dingley reel is a 3" with adjustable drag rim tension-er not often seen on a 3" caged reel. This reel is stamped internally D1 and externally "THE IDEAL" by HAYNES & SON, CORK. The foot is full length with no line burns or frame cracks; an excellent collectors piece or user reel on a small 7-8 foot rod.


Postage and insurance £11


Dingley 3" trout reel, J.Bernard & son
REF:DFr034 £75.00

Dingley made for J.Bernard & Son, 3" trout reel. 

Pillar missing on Bottom deliberately for palming or finger control when playing larger fish, no sign of pillar being there originally an interesting collector piece or user reel.

Functions perfectly.

Postage and insurance £11


3 1/2" Dingley straun fly reel 
ref:dfr204 £129

3 1/2" Dingley fly reel with the straun centre break. Made for William Robinsons, Glasgow (Marked WJI) It's stamped 'D1' internally.

Right-hand wind, full length foot. 2.3/4" long. 

Rare white handle.

Postage and insurance £11


3 1/2" caged Dingley reel
REF:DFR218 £229.00

Foot Length 3.1/4" 

Sympathetically restored and re-leaded at some point, also right hand wind. Rare mid arbor with adjustable tension.

A great reel to use, not just for the cabinet.

Postage and insurance £11


3.1/4" Dingley fly reel
ref:DFR249/hfr4c £89

This 3.1/4" Dingley fly reel has a slightly undulated foot. Has a rare white handle. This reel still has a silk fly line on it. Stamped 'D2' internally

A few line marks to frame, a great user reel functioning perfectly. Right or left-hand use.

Postage and insurance £11


A RARE 3.1/2" Dingley FLY reel
ref:dfr247b £179.00

A really good example of a Dingley fly reel with very exacting tolerances. The reel has full length foot and is stamped d2 internally and 2 on the foot side. I believe this to be a 30's reel free from line burns and a great user reel with no wobble play or cracks to frame a great piece all in all.


Postage and insurance £11


MEGA RARE Dingley 3 1/2"  J Sharpe LEFT HAND
Ref:dfr256a £599.00

This Little Dingley perfect is a super little reel LEFT HAND with the phosphor bronze line guide. This reel has many years of fishing left to do and it was created early 30's. The reel is tight no wobble and a strong check/drag system.

There are very slight line marks to one area above centre on the line guide from old hard silk lines Which can be polished out, not an issue today with modern lines. 

Postage and insurance £11


£359.00 Ref:Dfr235

This is a rare reel ideal for a 12.1/2 foot - 13 foot salmon fly rod  
Would also suit an 8-9# weight steel head rod 
The beauty of this reel is the  adjustable tension very rare on caged reels of this period 
The foot is full length and no line grooves to the pillars. 
There is a hint of line wear on one side near a pillar, I would describe as a graze opposed to a groove.
All in all a very very rare reel in fantastic condition

Postage and insurance £11

£199.00 Ref:Dfr247

This is a very rare NARROW DRUM reel assigned to this retailer.
The reel has the rare circles linking up the hole centres.
The foot is full length and the reel has 95% leading all original
The reel is priced low due to a very slight shallow line groove approx 1000th deep.
The reel is stamped D61 also on the foot side

Postage and insurance £11


£225.00 Ref:DFR201  

A mint Dingley salmon fly reel with a 1.3/8th spool arbor and 4.3/8th diameter reel.
The reel is stamped D1 internally and has the free spinning ivorine handle
This reel feels beautiful, with strong spring and pawl.
The foot has very slight distortion, but is original and full length.

Postage and insurance £11



An excellent Ousel for ALLCOCKS REDDITCH 3" made by DINGLEY stamped "D4"
Also stamped on the side of the foot 4.
The reel has 99% original leading, the reel has been used but very lightly.
A rare opportunity to obtain a rare reel, especially for the ALLCOCK collector.

Postage and insurance £11



£445.00 Ref:Df031

A super mint DINGLEY NOVA 4" diameter and stamped internally D39 also 3 is stamped on side of foot.
This reel is in excellent original condition in every way without line burns or cracks, the reel foot is full length and unaltered.
The rear of the back plate on the spool has a few alloy surface stain marks but are not pitted in any way.
This is a rare offering and is part of a very old collection. 
The spool spins freely and every aspect of this reel functions in its original condition.

Postage and insurance £11